Lodge Executive Committee (LEC)

Lodge Officers

Wag-O-Shag Lodge is lead by four elected youth Arrowmen called Lodge Officers. The Lodge Officers are Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice-Chief, Lodge Treasurer, and Lodge Secretary. They work all year with other members of the Lodge Executive Committee to run the lodge and its quality program.

Collin Welke

Lodge Chief

Collin is a Brotherhood member and Eagle Scout in Troop 321.  He has worked on Camp Long Lake Staff for the past three years.  In addition, he has served Wag-O-Shag Lodge as the Lodge Secretary and Communications Chairman, as well as portraying The Guide in various ceremonies.  Also, Collin currently serves as the Section C-7 Secretary.

Blake Stephens

Lodge Vice-Chief

Blake has been part of the lodge for a few years and he loves to see Scouts have the opportunity to join the Order and experience all the fun and fellowship within. As the lodge Vice Chief, he vows to work hard for the Lodge and help Collin see his goals come true.

Liam Hughes

Lodge Treasurer

Liam is a Brotherhood member of our lodge and Life rank in Troop 26 He is a junior at Mukwonago High School. Liam works at CLL in the summer and is a big skier.

Mike Penn

Lodge Secretary

Mike is the Current Venturing Officers Association President, and has served on Camp and NYLT Staff. Mike currently attends UW Milwaukee.

Committee Chairs

Wag-O-Shag Lodge has several committees that are each chaired by one youth Arrowmen from Potawatomi Area Council. Chairs are appointed by the Lodge Chief and sit on the Lodge Executive Committee or LEC. The LEC is the steering committee of the lodge, carries out lodge business, and works to improve the Lodge in its ability and performance of accomplishing its mission and purpose.

Ethan Welke


Ethan is a Brotherhood member and a life scout in Troop 321. He goes to Germantown High School and likes to play football.

Justin Blawat


Justin is from Troop 175 and staffs at Camp Long Lake. He enjoys playing the flute and creating art.

Grant Nicholson


Grant Nicholson is a Brotherhood member and a part of Troop 4.  He is the Social Media Lead as Communications Co-Chair this year.

Currently Vacant


Daniel Tahtinen


Daniel is from Troop and Crew 4 out of Waukesha. He earned his Eagle in 2017 and now is working towards his Summit award. Daniel also works at CLL over the summer

Jon Roth


 Jon is a Junior at Brookfield Academy and Eagle Scout Candidate of Troop 183. His goal is to ensure that every troop in the Lodge is able to have an election so that Wag-O-Shag’s election rates will skyrocket this year compared to other Lodges.

John Aebly


John Aebly is a Life Scout from Troop 321. He’s an NYLT graduate as well as a Brotherhood member of the best Lodge around, Wag-O-Shag! John is absolutely thrilled to serve you as your 2020-2021 Membership Chair!

Connor is a sophomore at New Berlin West and the Editor-in-Chief for the Norse Code. This past summer he staffed at CLL

Drew Dahlgren


Drew is in Troop 109 and is a Brotherhood member.  This past year, he also worked at Camp Long Lake as a Campcraft Instructor.

Zach Landquist

Vigil and Awards

Zach is also an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor. Currently, he is attending UW-Platteville for Computer Science.

Peter Selfors

Immediate Past Lodge Chief

You may know Peter from his staffing at CLL, NYLT, Troop 175 leadership, or his term as Lodge Chief last year. Peter is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor and likes turtles.

Chapter Chiefs

Wag-O-Shag Lodge has two Chapters. All units are part of one of the two Chapters. Each Chapter elects youth Arrowmen to serve as Chapter Officers. The Chapter Officers are Chapter Chief, Chapter Vice-Chief, or Chapter Secretary/Treasurer. The Chapter Chief of each Chapter also serves on the Lodge Executive Committee.

Josh Noonan

Shooting Star Fox Chapter Chief

Josh Noonan is a member of Troop 4 and a Brotherhood member.  He has also served on NYLT Staff in the past.

Logan Woessner

Galaxy Fox Chapter Chief

Logan is 16 years old and has been in the OA for three years. He attends Palmyra-Eagle High School and loves to play in the band.