Order of the Arrow
Wag-O-Shag Lodge

Vigil and Awards Committee

The Vigil and Awards Committee is responsible for accepting Vigil nominations and selecting lodge members who will become Vigil.  The committee also reviews nominations for other awards. The committee holds an annual meeting in spring to review nominations and select Vigils. All lodge members not eligible for Vigil may attend. Youth, those under 21, will have a vote.  Nominations can be sent in by mail to the council office or via e-mail to awardschair@wagoshag.com. If you would like to learn more about the Vigil and Awards Committee, contact Jonathan Roth– awardschair@wagoshag.com.

Requirements for Vigil:

An Arrowman who has been brotherhood for at least two years is eligible for nomination for the Vigil Honor. The list of eligible lodge members is sent out each winter and posted online.  Members must pay dues for that year to be on the list.  Any lodge member may write a letter of nomination to the lodge explaining why the candidate should become Vigil.

The letter should include service the individual did for the lodge, council, troops or packs, districts, scouting program, or community.  If you would like to suggest a name, you can.  Please send nominations in to the council office.