Order of the Arrow
Wag-O-Shag Lodge

Lodge Executive Committee (LEC)

Lodge Officers

Wag-O-Shag Lodge is lead by four elected youth Arrowmen called Lodge Officers. The Lodge Officers are Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice-Chief, Lodge Treasurer, and Lodge Secretary. They work all year with other members of the Lodge Executive Committee to run the lodge and its quality program.

Nickolas Giovan

Lodge Chief

Nickolas Giovan is an Eagle Scout from Troop 175, Where he’s now an Assistant Scoutmaster. In addition, he works hard in Venturing, where he’s active in both Crew 175 and 651! Nickolas Also serves the National Venturing Officers Association, as the President of Territory 6! This past summer, he proudly staffed Camp Long Lake as the Trades Instructor! Nickolas is a Senior at Hamilton High School, and is honored to be this years Wag-O-Shag Lodge Chief and can’t wait to make memories with all of you! 


Drew D.

Lodge Vice Chief

Drew is an Eagle Scout from Troop 109 and a Vigil Honor Member. He currently attends Hamilton High School as a senior. In the past, he has served as Ceremonies Chairman and Trainings Chairman. Drew is excited to serve as Vice Lodge Chief for the lodge year.

Erin R.

Lodge Secretary

Erin is an Eagle Scout in Troop 229 and a Brotherhood honor, she is currently a junior at Mukwonago High School, in the past, she served as your Elections Chair and now she is devoted to serving Wag-O-Shag Lodge as their Secretay and upholding the importance of communication and information available for all Arrowmen in any situation

Jack N.

Lodge Treasurer

Jack is a Life Scout from Troop 95 and a Brotherhood member. He’s been in the scouting program since Cub Scouts and the OA for 2 years now. He’s previously served as the lodge Communications Chairman and he’s excited to serve as the Lodge Treasurer this year!

Committee Chairs

Wag-O-Shag Lodge has several committees that are each chaired by one youth Arrowmen from Potawatomi Area Council. Chairs are appointed by the Lodge Chief and sit on the Lodge Executive Committee or LEC. The LEC is the steering committee of the lodge, carries out lodge business, and works to improve the Lodge in its ability and performance of accomplishing its mission and purpose.

Andrew B.


Andrew is a Brotherhood Member with Troop 115. He goes to Germantown Highschool and is super enthusiastic to plan great events for the lodge!

Abbey G.


Abbey is a Brotherhood member with Unit 229 and has worked on camp staff at CLL for the past 3 summers. She is currently attending Mukwonago High School as a Senior and previously served the lodge as the Galaxy Fox Chapter Secretary. Abbey is very excited to serve as this year's Ceremonies Chair!

Adam L.


Adam is a Brotherhood member with Troop 99 and a senior at Oconomowoc high school where he's on the football and wrestling team. He's really excited to get the word out about different lodge events.

Nate Schmidt


Nate is an Eagle Scout with Troop 4 and is a Brotherhood Member. He currently attends MSOE as a freshman and recently worked at CLL as the Camp Craft Director this past summer. Nate is stoked to deliver great information to Wag-O-Shag Lodge!

Kayden W.


Kayden is a Life Scout with Troop 4 out of Waukesha, he is a Brotherhood member. He is a junior at New Berlin Eisenhower. His past positions include chapter secretary and chapter chief of Shooting Star Fox. Kayden is very excited to get more members involved within the order of the arrow.

Will K.


Will is a Life Scout with Troop 68. He is a Brotherhood Member of the Lodge and has worked the past 2 summers on CLL Staff at Eco/Con. He is super thrilled to run the process on getting Scouts inducted into the OA!

John A.


John is a Life Scout from Troop 321. He’s an NYLT graduate as well as a Brotherhood member of the best Lodge around: Wag-O-Shag! John is absolutely thrilled to serve you as your 2022-2023 Membership Chair!

Tommy Z.


Tommy is a Life Scout and a member of Troop 115. He attends Germantown High School and is a sophomore. He is a Brotherhood Member of the order and has been a part of the order of the arrow for a little over a year now and this will be the first position he has been elected to. He is excited to be the outreach chair for this lodge year.

Danny B.


Danny is an Eagle Scout from Troop 99 and a Brotherhood Honor member. He was the Dining Hall Steward at Camp Long Lake this past summer. He currently goes to school at Johnson Creek High School. This is going to be his first year on the LEC and is super excited to be service chair!

Ethan Welke


Ethan is a Life Scout of Troop 321 and a Brotherhood member of the Lodge! He has previously served as Lodge Treasurer and Activities Chairman. He plays Football at Germantown High School and is ready to "kick off" this Lodge Year!

Jonathan Roth

Vigil and Awards

Jon is an Eagle Scout with Troop 183, a Vigil Honor Member, and a former CLL Boating Director. Currently, he attends the University of Evansville as a freshman. In the past, he served as Lodge Vice Chief, Elections Chairman, and Galaxy Fox Vice Chapter Chief. Jon is very excited to serve as Awards Chair and Vigil Chief for this Lodge year.

Josh N.

Immediate Past Lodge Chief

Josh Noonan is a Vigil Honor member who just finished his term as the lodge chief. His other past lodge positions include Chapter Chief and Chapter Vice Chief. He goes to Waukesha North Highschool and plays on the varsity football team. He is very excited for this upcoming lodge year. Amen

Chapter Chiefs

Wag-O-Shag Lodge has two Chapters. All units are part of one of the two Chapters. Each Chapter elects youth Arrowmen to serve as Chapter Officers. The Chapter Officers are Chapter Chief, Chapter Vice-Chief, or Chapter Secretary/Treasurer. The Chapter Chief of each Chapter also serves on the Lodge Executive Committee.

Scott D.

Shooting Star Fox Chapter Chief

Scott is an Eagle Scout from Troop 175 and a brotherhood member. He is very excited to be serving as the Shooting Star Fox Chapter Chief. He has many goals for the Chapter including making the Chapter website and boosting attendance at Chapter events

James M.

Galaxy Fox Chapter Chief

James is an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood honor from Troop 68. He is a junior and enjoys backpacking and dancing. James is look forward to serving Galaxy Fox chapter as their chief. He also really likes hummus.