Camping Award

Camping Award Bumper Sticker (1)

The Wag-O-Shag Camping Award is a new award for all units to earn! One of the OA's responsibilities is to promote camping to units. This award focuses on camping, our own Camp Long Lake, and activation of units ordeal eligible candidates.

The award given is the nifty bumper sticker above that can be put onto your troop trailer or on your Unit Leader's car!


Eligibility Requirements

• Send a unit contingent to Camp Long Lake during the Summer Camp season.

• Hold at least 4 other unit camping outings.

• Induct at least 80% of Ordeal eligible candidates to Ordeal (if the unit has any eligible during the calendar year).


This form is for the Unit Leader (or designee) to submit the 2020 Wag-O-Shag Camping Award.